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Monday, 18 March 2019

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Table lamp - Searchlight - CIRCLES - 5370BC

Table lamp - Searchlight - CIRCLES - 5370BC

Regular Price: 135.00 BGN

Special Price: 75.00 BGN

Полилей - Осветително тяло - HATS CLASSIC SP9 - 110646

Полилей - Осветително тяло - HATS CLASSIC SP9 - 110646

Regular Price: 611.00 BGN

Special Price: 245.00 BGN

Пендел - Осветително тяло - HL BONE - A1329.31.2/5

Пендел - Осветително тяло - HL BONE - A1329.31.2/5

Regular Price: 161.00 BGN

Special Price: 68.00 BGN

Аплик - Осветително тяло - TROY - 83204

Аплик - Осветително тяло - TROY - 83204

Regular Price: 44.00 BGN

Special Price: 38.00 BGN

Хартиена топка - PIRACI - 4884

Хартиена топка - PIRACI - 4884

Regular Price: 18.00 BGN

Special Price: 16.00 BGN

Intro Light Ltd. is the official importer and distributor for Bulgaria of lighting and consumables for lighting from recognized manufacturers such as Searchlight (UK), Nino Leuchten (Germany), ESTO (Austria), Ideal Lux (Italy), Metallux (Italy), Coup Light, KOLARZ (Austria).          

*Searchlight (UK) is the largest supplier of lighting in UK. The brand focuses on offering lighting in the medium price range and is characterized by its great variety of lighting products decorated with crystals.

*Ideal Lux (Italy) is one of the most popular brands on the European market offering lighting products in the medium price range.

*ESTO (Austria) is a well-known manufacturer of lighting products in Europe. The brand has a long history as a manufacturer   and offers lighting products in the medium and low price range.

*Nino Leuchten (Germany) is a manufacturer focusing on offering budget lighting in the low price range.

*Metallux (Italy) is a designer brand offering lighting in the high price range. The brand’s production is entirely localized in Italy, and a lot of the models and lighting are patented as protected marks which makes them unique as design.

*Coup Light is a brand specializing in the production of lighting for suspended ceilings, industrial lighting, lighting for hotels, restaurants and retail outlets, and of consumables for the lighting.


*KOLARZ (Austria) are world-renowned for the highest quality lighting. Timeless designs brought to you in the finest materials.

Our principal business comprises import, distribution and trade in lighting products and systems, hotel, industrial and home lighting.              

 In the years Intro Light Ltd. has established a reputation as a reliable partner and supplier of lighting for its partners and customers from Bulgaria and abroad satisfying all their requirements, wishes and ideas or demands.

Intro Light Ltd. has participated, in whole or in part, in the creation and building of many and various projects, including projects outside the borders of Bulgaria.

 Our objective is to supply high-quality lighting conforming to the European standards and requirements regarding quality, environment protection and efficiency at affordable prices.

Our team has over 18 years of experience in the field of lighting and is able to offer solutions and flexibility in price formation and terms of partnership.

Intro Light Ltd. has a wide stock and regular deliveries of lighting and lighting consumables from our European partners thus ensuring speed and flexibility in satisfying the demand and needs of our private and corporate customers.